Bombardier – Draft one is done!

Texas was awesome!  Lots of BBQ and shooting!  Although I didn’t get any writing done, I’ve still managed to get draft one of Tyranny, which is the first book of the Bombardier trilogy.

This story plays with the dark side of power and fear, showing how it leads to oppression and almost unintended cruelty.  How far will we go to protect ourselves?  When is protectionism merely being used as an excuse to abuse?  How many people will follow a corrupt government knowing full well it is one, just to maintain what little they have?

The answers to these questions have been played out throughout history.  I like to think that eventually our sense of fair play and goodwill makes us rise up against a cruel ruler or government, but does it?  We can’t step back in time and know what really drove people to civil war or to overthrow a dictator.  So often history is rewritten and the real human drivers are lost in time.

So, the first book of the Bombardier trilogy is aptly name Tyranny because that’s the world Dunk created.  Using fear of an alien invader he took control and I never did think he was a good guy, just the one that was needed at the time.  Two hundred years later and Ark III is born into a very different universe and it remains to be seen which way he’ll go.  His life is privileged, or so he’s been led to believe, and he must give up everything to stand for what he believes is right.

I like this story.  It twists and weaves its way to expose a world so deeply damaged and corrupted you begin to wonder if the aliens won after all.  Tank is playing a dangerous game waiting for a leader and Ark III isn’t sure he is one.  While Ark III struggles to fit the boots he was born to fill our enemy aliens are clearly preparing for another major launch, only this time they’re screwing with more than just earth.

Once I get this book published I’ll continue with Divine Death.  It’s well over half done now and it’s crammed with action that finally explains what in the hell was really going on.  I’m still enthralled by the ending, but I want to do it justice so I’m taking my time.

Here’s the blurb and cover for Tyranny, book one of the Bombardier trilogy and it’ll be with you in a few weeks.


Ark III is genetically engineered, hatched to lead the Bombardiers protecting earth against an alien species that nearly wiped out the human race two hundred years earlier.  The Bombardiers start as human, but once transformed they are almost indestructible.  Hunting for the enemy aliens across the stars in living ships, they are never allowed to live on Earth.

After their near genocide, the man credited with saving mankind formed the United Guild, a tyrannical and ruthless global government ruling the universe.  With Dunk’s clones continuing his brutal control, Ark III must decide whether he will lead the Bombardiers to defend or destroy earth.

The Bombardier series is a trilogy following a young man’s journey to discover the truth about the universe he is destined to shape.  With the enemy aliens determined to destroy all life in the galaxy, Ark III must first commit to the survival of mankind before he can become the battle commander against their enemies.  Shocked by the actions of his own command, Ark III learns the people he was raised to protect just might be the bad guys.

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