Bombardier Trilogy – Tyranny is published!

It’s never happened to me before, but I decided draft one of Tyranny blew, so I took a heavy hand to it which is why it’s running a few weeks behind schedule.  But it’s just been released, so click on the cover below to go to Amazon.

I like this war.

  • Dunk and his mad clones control the United Guild, ruling Earth through a combination of fear and control of weapons and drugs.
  • Ark Three is destined to become the leader of the Bombardiers, technically the Guild’s forward army hunting for the aliens in space, but his mentor, Tank, appears to be playing his own game.
  • Aria is a planet with an alien species that aren’t forthcoming about how they defeated the aliens when they attacked.
  • Due to having too much enemy DNA, the renegades are outcasts of the human race, abused and living on the fringes of civilisation, itching for a fight.
  • Even the Navigators have factions inside of their 300,000 strong army and nobody knows who they are.

It’s a universe where nobody quite trusts anybody, but what’s war without a little politics, eh?

While I played out the politics of the war, our cover designer was inspired and she built us a new one.  Here’s the revised blurb and cover.  We’ll add the book link as soon as Amazon give it us.  I hope you enjoy Bombardier, be rest assured some blood and sweat went into it.  It’s another mad place to be, only this time it’s the universe that’s gone mad, not just earth!


Tyranny (Bombardier Trilogy, Book one)

Mankind was almost destroyed by an alien attack and two hundred years later, the world has been rebuilt under the tyrannical rule of the United Guild.  Ark Three was born to lead the Bombardiers, a genetically modified group of humans acting as their forward army to explore and control space.

During his first deep space mission, he learns the real purpose behind the Guild, making him question whether he wants to defend earth or tear it apart. Lacking an army to stand his ground, he is forced to choose between his destiny and what he believes is right.

Tyranny is the journey of a young man reaching for leadership, learning how far he’ll go for his beliefs. Action packed, with many enemies and few allies, this tale travels across space while Ark Three searches for his true destiny.

Bombardier will be a three part series, scheduled for completion throughout 2016 and early 2017. Each book concludes a section of the complete story.



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    1. Good to hear from you, Glenn. I was just wondering about the cover so your feedback is much appreciated and very timely. We did some interesting research for this book, including some propulsion methods being tested by NASA. Check out the EMDrive (reactionless drive). A guy in the UK designed it and NASA have tested it, but no one knows why it works. Fascinating stuff. Add one megalomaniac and a healthy dose of badly behaved aliens and it’s on! 🙂 I hope you enjoy the story!

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