Dead Force final book…

EAGLE is in editing and should be out in the next week or so.  Sorry it’s taken longer than planned, but I’ve been on three different antibiotics since I last posted.  It’s so annoying I can’t even think about it anymore.

Dead Force ended in a way I hadn’t expected from the start of the series.  Tag took on a life of his own and I was a little bewildered at where he went.  I didn’t always like Tag’s thinking, but I was curious to know what makes us human.  If you love animals, then you know the gap between us and them isn’t all that great.  Aside from having a thumb, what exactly separates us from them?

I have book one of another trilogy close to release, but I’m not ready to finish that story yet, so I’m pondering what to write next.  I could add a fourth trilogy to the Navigator suite.  After their disastrous first encounter in WarriorSR, the Void and the Universe need to do better.  The next trilogy goes back to the beginning  with Ark, Dunk and Tank.  It’s not an opportunity to rewrite history, but it could result in an old leadership team with a new twist.  What happens if you literally meet your better self?

After writing Hunter Wars and now Dead Force as longer series, I’ve decided I prefer linked trilogies.  When I’m in good form they take 3 months to write, plus they’re complete stories, which I like to read.  Although I have the next Navigator trilogy in mind, I also love building whole new worlds, so I’m puzzling where to go next — a favorite hang out or should I build myself a new club house? 🤔

Let me get EAGLE out to you before Christmas and I’ll get back to you about what I’m working on next.  Any suggestions or advice is welcome.



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