Who forgot Valentines Day? 💔

Who forgot Valentines Day? 💔

I can’t even remember birthdays and anniversaries, much less the commercially promoted days.  It would be a problem, but I’m married to an equally forgetful partner.  Apparently, we’ve been together for over twenty years, or so they tell me and I believe them. 😂

Writing has turned me from a highly organized and reliable person to the type that forgets their phone and loses track of time.  I was never late, always remembered to pack everything, could be trusted to be where I said I’d be.  These days I reminisce about being that way, while secretly not caring that I’m not.

I’m working on Valhalla, which is book four of the Dead Force series.  The premise of this story is what would happen if the Universe caught a cold.  Have you ever wondered why there’s no life around us?  I mean, why are we the only visibly alive planet in our solar system?  You have admit the big blue ball is quite the looker compared to the other planets near us. 🌎

One of the greatest risks to our planet is the spread of disease.  Other than our immune system, we have almost no defenses against viruses.  Viruses are savage.  They multiply rapidly, mutate, go dormant, hide, and always aim to dominate the host.  Medical science is seeing a link between viruses and some cancers, meaning they’re more than catching a cold . Even more interesting is they are such an efficient transport system we might even use them to cure cancers.

Our main defense against viruses was distance or lack of exposure.  Ever since we globalized we’ve lived with the risk of a viral outbreak that could kill us all.  SARS and Ebola are the two most of us have heard of, but that’s the tip of the iceberg.  It got me wondering if maybe we shouldn’t have stayed put, which led me to wonder what would happen if we could travel to the stars next. 🚀

Dead Force is another action packed story, but this time I’m exploring the idea of an intergalactic virus and just how deadly that could be.  Valhalla is on its way so stay tuned.  In the meantime, grab a copy of Dead Force Trilogy to get you started.  (Available on iBooks, GooglePlay, Nook, Amazon)



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