Summer! 😎

I’m moving house so this month has been a shambles.  My entire life is now piled high in plastic boxes waiting to be moved.  Despite living in plastic box land, I have been writing book one of a new series.  I promised to send this book to an agent first, so the release will be delayed.  It’s frustrating as I really want to publish it now!.  Here’s the current blurb for the new series…

Tag is a man without a past and a bad future.

Waking up in a chamber full of sleepers is bound to confuse anyone, but learning you’re on a spaceship hurtling through the universe will ruin your day.

With over a million sleepers in three Arks, an infestation of space fleas, and no idea how he and his squad got there, Tag is having a bad day.  Uncovering the truth about the mission proves more bizarre than he could have guessed, but never one to pass up a challenge, Tag decides revenge is the best course of action.

Jes is coming up with a cover for the series, but we don’t have it ready just yet.

I like this new world and I can already see the first trilogy.  Tag is less a swashbuckling hero and more of a bad-tempered man with a grudge.  It’s kind of fun to imagine how you might react to the situations I drop our characters into.  More often than not I think I’d just be really pissed off.  If my characters ever came to life I think they’d smack me in the head for treating them so badly!

Given I can’t release this book straight away, I’m off to start a new series.  Somewhere along the way I plan to add the final trilogy to the Navigator world.  I know what happens next and it will be the last in this collection.  The conclusion is excellent, so I have to write it.

The upshot of this is I plan to release book one of a new series in August.  If the agent doesn’t take Tag then he’ll be released at the same time. So, watch this space because more stories are on their way.

In the meantime, have a great summer, folks!  You’ll be hearing from me and my latest mad worlds in just a few months!


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