Warlord is almost ready! 🎉

I’ve run a week behind schedule, but Warlord should be published in the next few days.  This is an interesting story because it messes with perception. We all want to believe we’re the good guy, the one wearing the white hat, but are we?  It depends on where you’re standing.  For every person you think wears a white hat, there are just as many people who see a black or gray one.  What makes one person’s perception more right than another’s?


Funny thing about viruses is they aren’t all bad, or at least they don’t have to be.  Viruses are highly efficient invaders, able to target, attack and invade every cell.  Sounds bad, right?  It is until you look at it another way.  A virus is such a highly efficient transport and invasion force, it can be used to target cancers and other diseases.  Clever, eh.


For those of you reading Dead Force, you know I’m messing with your perceptions of who’s who in the game.  Even I’ve been surprised at some of the plays going on in this story.  I thought this would be a 9 book series, but I’m revising that to 7 at the moment, not because the plot changed, but I like fast-paced stories and the extra 2 books might slow it down.  The length of series doesn’t make any difference to me, so a story is only ever as long as it needs to be.


Here’s the draft blurb and cover for Warlord.  I’ll be back in touch in the next day or so once it’s released.


“In a Universe where nothing is as it seems, the Dead Force are splintering into factions, and every alien Tag meets seems to know more about him than he does, but none will tell him the truth.  Finding Grunt’s army should have been easy, but they aren’t where he left them.  Critically underpowered, it appears Tag has started the drum beat for a war he can’t possibly win.  With trust in Tag’s leadership eroding, the race is on to build an allied force.”

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