Sandman, Book one of the Dead Force series is available!

Tag is a man without a past and a bad future.

Waking up in a chamber full of half a million sleepers is bound to confuse anyone, but learning you’re on a spaceship hurtling through the universe will really ruin your day.

Finding over a million sleepers on three arks, an infestation of space fleas, and no idea how he or the squad got there, Tag is having a bad day. Uncovering the truth proves more bizarre than he could have guessed, but never one to pass up a challenge, Tag decides revenge is the best course of action.

Sandman is the first book in the Dead Force series and the latest in the SD Tanner collection. It’s a wild ride through space, filled with cool tech, mad aliens, and a stubborn squad refusing to quit.

Snadman - Book One Dead Force Trilogy

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