Eden Lost Trilogy

The Complete Eden Lost series – All Three Books

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Books 1-3 of Eden Lost Trilogy, Part Two of The Hunter Wars series
This omnibus edition of the Eden Lost Trilogy contains all of the books: Hidden Evil, Dead Alive and Divine Death.

Gears, Pax and TL were soldiers in the U.S. army when the world was destroyed by a virus that turned most people into hunters. Hunters were fierce killers of all life, smart and hard to kill. The Devil took advantage of man’s vulnerability and tried to take control of what little was left.

Our soldiers found a woman they named Ip who could kill hunters with a touch, and through her they learned they were more than mere men. As the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, they led man in a fight for their right to rule that man deserved another chance to live. When the Devil was defeated, Eden was restored on earth and peace reigned.

Hidden Evil
It’s been five years since they put the Devil in his place, but all is not well in Eden and our Horsemen have dug their way out of their graves. It seems the Devil wasn’t done and neither were they. Gears must uncover his new mission, and he believes he needs another army to defend his right to rule. America is at war with itself and he needs to know why.

Dead Alive
The hunters have returned, but they’re not the same as they were. Gears, Pax and TL decide they need to look for the problem in Eden and uncover more than they ever expected. Ruler is playing them all for fools, and Gears finds a unique solution to save America.

Divine Death
Fed up with man’s cruelty, Pax demands they rule again, leaving Ip out in the cold. When the young Horsemen argue the toss, Gears, Pax and TL must go through the doorway to Heaven to find Ip, concluding their epic fight with Ruler. Finally understanding why the hunters were needed, they learn their true role in the universe.

This story is the second part of of The Hunter Wars series and follows directly on from part one, Hunter Wars. It can be read as a standalone series and is an exciting, fast-paced, unique take on the end of the world and the way the universe really works. Packed with great characters, humor and wild situations, it’s a ride that you won’t want to end.