Genocide Battle Mars – Book 1

Genocide: Battle Mars – Book 1


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Earth is a write off. Let’s move to Mars. What could go wrong?

 Over 80% of life on Earth is stolen in four weeks, leaving 8 billion humans without food, water, or even viable soil.  Weather patterns shift causing tornados, raging fires, and rapid freezing.  The governments quickly collapse in every country and people are stranded with nowhere to run.

It’s climate change on steroids, but this isn’t even remotely a natural phenomenon.

 Jace and his dog, Oscar, are taking care of the herd in Colorado when the biggest tornados he’s ever seen rip the earth to pieces, taking trees, cows, water, and everything else they need to live.  Across America and in every country the seeds of life are sucked up into the sky.  People are seeking sanctuary, but every door is closed until Jace meets a slick billionaire who claims to have a spaceship.