Welcome to SD Tanner’s website.

This is the home of the Hunter Wars, Eden Lost, Navigator, Bombardier, WarriorSR, Replicant and Dead Force series of books.



About SD Tanner

SD Tanner is the author of the USA Today Best Seller Navigator series. A keen gym junkie who has travelled the world, Tanner spends every spare minute creating wild tales filled with adventure and bringing complex characters to life.

All of Tanner’s stories are told through much action and a good deal of humor. With a lifelong love of all things Sci-Fi and horror, Tanner writes epic stories through trilogies and boxsets designed to keep you entertained until the last page.

Although Tanner keeps a low profile, should you ever wish to chat, please get in contact directly through sdtanner.com or facebook.com/sdtanner9/. You can also subscribe to sdtanner.com to hear about current and planned releases.

Welcome to the crazy world of SD Tanner, it’s always a wild ride!