Navigator Series


Navigator: The Complete Series

 Navigator - The Complete Series


This omnibus edition of the Navigator series contains all four books: Enemy Lines, Blind Sighted, Killer Edge and Broken Arrow.

With hydraulics, armor and advanced vision, Navigators are soldiers of the future, and in the game of survival of the fittest, they become the only hope man has to fight for their right to dominate.




Enemy Lines: Book One

After nearly being executed in a war zone, Staff Sergeant Leon Shield finds himself urgently recalled from deployment and lands back home to a defeated country. In a matter of days, and without a single shot being fired, a new species has taken over the world.


Blind Sighted: Book Two

Leon and Ark elect to train their new Navigator squad outside the wire, while Bill works with the weapons engineers to solve the bigger problems. The medical team are taking the critters apart, desperately looking for anything that will give them an edge.



Killer Edge: Book Three

Our team match the enemy by creating a little critter magic of their own.  New forces join them, and survivors add their weight to the fight, further changing what becomes possible.  First contact is made, and believing they are running headlong into failure, Ark learns to take the lesser loss.


Killer Edge


Broken Arrow: Book Four

The aliens take a step too far and Ark decides it’s time to go all in.