Dead Force: JUDAS (Book 6) almost ready!

Dead Force: JUDAS (book 6) almost ready!

Who doesn’t love Summer? ?  I am running a week or so behind schedule again.  Now, I could just say I’ve been doing cool stuff in the sun, but that’s not the whole story.

Last year was a tedious one.  I had bronchitis from February to November, which was bad enough, but it also took half my lung capacity.  As a runner and someone who does weights, it’s been a long hard road to rebuild my fitness and I’m still not finished.  It’s why I keep slipping behind schedule this year, sometimes the fatigue wipes me out.

Whenever I start a story it takes a while to come to grips with the characters and what they’re really about.  For a while, I wondered if anyone was the good guy in Dead Force, but I now realize they are all victims of circumstance doing what they think is right.  I set out to write a shoot ’em up space marine story and instead created complex characters, uneasy relationships and a twisted plot line.  I’m not sorry about that because the stories and people go wherever they do, but this isn’t what I thought would happen.

Dead Force explores the logic of viruses played out against the backdrop of planets.  It’s the opposite of “Honey, I shrunk the kids” and views a person as if they’re a single cell with a purpose, like a virus or the immune system.  Dead Force has so many twists and turns that my plot developer and I struggle to keep up, but JUDAS is about to hit editing and then I’ll go straight onto the final book, EAGLE.

Once I’m done with Dead Force, I’m tossing up whether to add the fourth trilogy to the Navigator suite, the HEGEMENON series.  Tank keeps nagging me, apparently he wants his irritating, never-ending life to end. I’ve been putting it off because I think it’s the last one with Tank and I’ll miss the deck ape when he’s gone.  Although a reader did ask if there would ever be a Tank Junior and that got me thinking. ??

The life of a writer is to have a hair-trigger imagination. ?

Here’s the cover for JUDAS and the book will be released in the next few weeks. Thanks for being patient!

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    1. Hi, it has just come out of final editing and loading is starting today. We’re now listed on B&N, Apple, GooglePlay, Amazon (not KU), Kobo and Scribd, which means it can take a 2 – 5 days for loading to finish depending on the site, but all should be available by Friday. I’ll put out a blog update as soon as our end of the load is done and then it’s a matter of waiting for the platforms to make it available. Thank you for being patient. I’m starting the final book in the series now, EAGLE, and I hope to have that out a bit faster. It’s going to be a wild ride to the end! Thanks, SD

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