2020 discount!

So, the year has started.  My roof leaked (again) and my car died (again).  Roof fixed.  New car.  Back to writing!

We have a sale on right now for Navigator box set and Bombardier box set.  Each are 99c from 18 January for a short while.  Grab ’em if you don’t have ’em!  Not sure if or when we’ll ever do a double sale again on this series.

Otherwise, I’m writing the follow on trilogy to Replicant, but I also came up with another amusing concept, which I pitched on a twitter hashtag to publishers for a laugh.  A publisher did offer to read it, but I haven’t written it yet, so that didn’t work out. ?  Here’s the pitch. What do you think?

Machines hover over Earth. For thirty days and nights they harvest everything. Animals, trees, water, plants and air, with one exception. Mankind is left with almost nothing. The aliens have accelerated the effects of climate change. Survivors must find a way out.

I’ve chapter mapped the story and it’s a fun way of exploring what might happen if the climate change thing occurred in the space of a month, while also blaming the whole sad mess on aliens behaving badly.

In the meantime, I’m already writing the CyOp Trilogy.  Three triumvirate slugging it out for control, each one with an equal chance of winning.  Hecate has her CyOp army, and First Tank has his Bombardiers and Navigators, whereas Isaiah Tank has the entire void at his disposal.  Who knows where it’ll end?  Seriously, I’m not entirely sure.  Three Tanks with three very different lives and yet still fundamentally the same guy. It’s that age-old question; nature versus nurture.  Just how much does our life experience change who we are?

I’ll be back once I’m closer to publishing the next book/trilogy.

Have a great kick off to 2020!

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