New Series in Progress

2020 has been a lousy year.  I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease at the start and the medication takes a long time to get right.  Injury, fatigue, and other health problems (not Covid) have plagued me all year.

I’ve written two books of four (maybe five) for a new series, and I have a brand new world brewing in my head.  Replicant Trilogy II is mapped, but I wasn’t ready to write it this year.

There is a view we can wreck Earth and colonize Mars and my current series, Battle Mars, started with that as a premise.  What if we lost 70% of plants, trees, animals, water, and even the nutrients in soil?  What if the only way forward was to colonize Mars?  Truth is, we can’t really live on Mars as it is and we have no ability to terraform it.  This series is about an unseen enemy that robbed Earth of everything we need and how the survivors fight to save as many lives as possible.

The next series I have brewing in my head is about colonizing the entire Universe.  I see huge hollow motherships the size of planets traveling to the furthest reaches of the Universe, depositing hundreds of thousands of colonists to terraform and take over planets.  In this world there are aliens dead set against human colonization.  It’s a battle between species for domination of the Universe.  It’ll be another epic story inside a complex futuristic world.

Although my health can limit me, my imagination never ends.  We’re working to get the first two books of Battle Mars out shortly and I hope to finish the series this year.  I can’t predict my health, but I promise to do my best to get these books to you near term.

It’s tough times out in the real world.  Pandemic.  Election.  Recession.  Storms.  Fires.  Stress, denial, fear, and confusion.

I’m an optimist and a realist rolled into one.  Whenever today looks hard I remind myself it’ll be different in a week, a month, six months, a year or two.  Last week I was in such extreme pain from a deep infection that my doc said I should have been hospitalized.  Dealing with the pain was hard work, but I knew it would pass.  These days will pass too.  We’ll find our footing again.

I hope you’re well.  If you’re not, then I hope you’re coping and moving forward.  I’m still here.  I’m still writing.  I will never run out of stories.  They keep me going when everything else is going to hell.

Stay well. Stay focused. Take care of you and yours. I’ll be back with the new releases soon.

4 Replies to “New Series in Progress”

    1. Thanks, Angel. Good to hear from you! You should list your website here. Your ceramics are amazing!

  1. Like you i have been dealing with impunity issues for several years. Its not fun but there is a way forward. Everyday when i get up i ask myself “What can i do today?” Rather than “What is giving me problems today?” or “What hurts?” I remind myself there are always people that have it worse than me. I still have my mind.
    Hang in there, sometimes one hour, one day, one week.
    With compassion

    1. Thanks, DG. I appreciate your kindness. Sorry to hear you’re not well. It does get frustrating, but it could be a lot worse. I’ve learned to roll with it. Take care of yourself and thanks for saying hi. SD

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