Book 3, Battle Mars, Colony is available!

…and Book 4, Battle Mars, Reboot is in editing.


I got caught up delivering client work this quarter, so I’m a few weeks behind on my promised publishing date for book 4 by end Q1.  But the series is finished, book 4’s cover is ready, and the book is in editing now.


Where to go next?


Replicant Part Two is waiting and so is the next story in the Battle Mars world.  I’m not sure what to write next.  I always enjoy seeing Tank take on the Universe, but I’m also intrigued by this new world I’m building.


The map of the Universe is so interesting.  Galaxies cluster at nodes that are joined by what look like threads.  It’s the same with trees on Earth.  Forests distribute water and nutrients through a network to ensure the survival of all trees.  The trees even send distress signals to warn of drought, disease, and insect attacks.  Trees will alter their behavior to protect themselves.


It seems the entire planet is connected in ways we barely understand.  What if the Universe works the same way?  Imagine if those nodes of galaxies are communicating with one another like trees.  Maybe the life and death of planets is less about chance as it is a deliberate act for the survival of the galaxies and the universe.


As much as I love a good Tank story, I’m tempted to head on out into the unknown of a connected Universe (which might solve our space travel problem), and an evil lurking in dark space (who believes the huge gaps between the nodes and galaxies are truly empty?).


Battle Mars opened up a whole new take on the Universe and I’m curious to see where it leads.


In the meantime, here’s Colony, and Reboot is on its way near term.  I really enjoyed this story.  Cows spinning in tornados, flying elephants, and a puppy in space.  I can’t imagine why I hadn’t thought of it before.






(NOT in Kindle Unlimited)