Lost Origin, Book 3, Replicant Trilogy is in Editing!

Ever have one of those years where nothing worked out the way you planned?

2019 has been a busy year.  I’ve been distracted by all sorts of missions, my health, and a death in the family.  Every time I thought I had myself organized, something else would crop up.

However, Lost Origin is written and in editing.  It all went horribly wrong for the Tanks and I’m planning to start writing another trilogy to follow this one.

They say the Universe is the result of a Big Bang causing billions upon billions of planets to be formed.  So the story goes, our galaxy is contracting as our Universe is expanding.  In theory, eventually the other galaxies will be so far away we won’t be able to see them anymore.  In fact, in the time man has been around many would already have moved too far away for us to see them.  If we survive long enough, then we would see the Universe go completely dark.  We now refer to our Universe as the ‘Known Universe’ because we don’t know what we can’t see.

Although I can accept that theory, I don’t understand what our Universe went ‘Bang’ in.  Surely our embryonic Universe had to be somewhere bigger to go Bang?  And was it the only Bang?  And if it wasn’t the only Bang, then are there more Universes?  If so, are they also made of the same elements, or is carbon-based life unique to ours?

What if the Big Bang happened a billion times and there are a billion Universes around ours?


The Universe is already big, so the place the Universe is in must be even bigger.

And if we’re not the only Universe, then I’m pretty sure Dunk would want a piece of that.

I haven’t settled on a name for the next story, but I suspect it’ll will be called the ‘Cy-Op Trilogy’.  Maybe we’ll finally learn where the critters really came from.

Anyway, Lost Origin will take a few weeks in editing, so it’ll be out mid-December.  Meantime, I will be plotting with the gang to take over another Universe.  It will be the Big Bang and beyond!