Dead Reflection (Book 2, Replicant Trilogy) is released!

Tank is stranded in a dystopian world run by a mad woman who wants to keep him as a pet.  Sounds like a typical day for him. ?

It’s been a crazy summer and I’m sorry this trilogy is running late, but I’m committed to getting the final book out faster.  The plot is up and I’m already writing.  Health and time permitting I hope to get it out in November.

I had planned to write two trilogies this year, and I do have book one of another one completed, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to finish it yet.  The more books I write, the fussier I’m getting about the plots and quality of writing.  It’s another reason it’s taking me longer to publish.

Some indie authors publish a book a month or even a week, but I can’t see me ever being that kind of writer.  While some are speeding up, I’m slowing down and thinking long and hard about the worlds I’m creating.  It takes time to visualize and put what I see into words. I love crazy concepts, but I do a lot of research, and have running notes about all sorts of ideas and real-life developments that intrigue me.  I still hope to write six books a year, but it’s a tough schedule.  Even if the characters are the same, every series/trilogy is a unique blend of concepts that amuse me.

This book takes Tank to a dystopian world whose history diverged from ours in the 1800s.  Imagine if there had never been a Kennedy or WWII.  What if Earth only had one president and government?  With a single point of control, what if a rogue president takes over?

Hope you enjoy Tank’s latest mad cap ride across the Universe.  Just wait until you see what happens to him in Book 3, Lost Origin. ?

See you soon!

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