Replicant has begun!

So, I took a week or so off over Christmas while I pondered what to write next. Now I’ve taken a long break from the world of Navigators, Bombardiers and WarriorSRs, I can see the next episodes for that Universe.

One of the latest theories about the Universe is there was a Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago. Around 5 billion years ago dark energy expanded and has been expanding ever since. Theory has it that the universe is geometrically flat. Dark matter is 27% of its mass energy. Ordinary matter is 5%. Dark energy is 68%. Dark matter attracts. Dark energy doesn’t form galaxies. Dark matter pulls galaxies together. Dark energy pulls them apart.

In other words, there is more dark energy than before and it doesn’t form galaxies the way ordinary matter does. That got me thinking. What if the dark energy is taking over the Universe, making the ordinary matter shrink until there isn’t any left? Maybe the Universe is at war and the ordinary matter bit we live in is losing. ?

Remember the void in WarriorSR? Nasty little fella who thinks he’s God, but was outwitted by Byte. The void controlled everything inside the dark matter and maybe it’s at war with the Universe.

In the next episode of the Navigator world, we’ll be journeying through three versions of Earth and mankind. Going right back to the start before the Critters arrived and following our human hero, Tank, from there to a dystopian Earth, and finally to New Earth.

It’s gonna be the ultimate road trip through time, space and the conundrum of the void. 

Working title:
Replicant Series

  • Book one: Ghost Born
  • Book two: Dead Reflection
  • Book three: Lost Origin

As usual, the trilogy will be 160,000 – 180,000 words, which takes me 12 weeks from woah to go. Of course, my irritating health issues can slow me down, but fingers crossed I’m good to go.

Also, January/February is our favorite time to discount some of our catalog:

  • Navigator box set will be 99c from roughly 13 January – 27 January.
  • Dead Force box set one will be 99c from 13 January – 27 January.

That’s my news for now. I’ll be busy writing for the next few months, but I might release a few chapters early just for fun, so expect to hear from me next month.

Meantime, have a great 2019 and grab a copy of Dead Force if you haven’t already. Dead Force 1 – 3 box set can be read as a stand-alone story (no cliffhanger ‘cos I hate them). If you enjoy it, then Dead Force 4 – 7 box set is available for $5.99 (plus whatever taxes).

Talk soon!

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