Ghost Born, Book One, Replicant Trilogy is available!

Okay, I had hoped to get the full trilogy out by now, but it’s been a crazy year.  I’m back on road, which took some getting used to, plus I’m doing some consulting work.  Added to that I got sick again, but I’m on the mend.  All of these distractions meant I didn’t get as much writing done as I intended.  I’m back in the swing of it and book two, Dead Reflection, is well underway.

I love this story. Tank never got much airplay in the Navigator series, but he went center stage in Bombardier and WarriorSR. Replicant goes back to the beginning (in a funny sort of way) and we really get inside Tank’s head (and to think I thought there was nothing in it ?).  It turns out he’s quite a complex guy after all.

But this story isn’t about critters.  They’re around because they never seem to completely go away, but this time the hell that’s been unleashed is entirely Dunk Four’s fault.  Far from saving the Universe, the so-called “reasonable” Dunk clone has managed to completely screw everyone.

I promise to get book two and three out by August 2019.  Here are the covers to Book one, Ghost Born and Book two, Dead Reflection. I’m aiming to get book two out in the next 4 weeks.

See ya soon!

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